Saturday July 22, 2017 


Home and Away

Letting go of the things we care most about

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author

uch has been given is much required. I have lived and often suffered and also often seen progress in many places.  Thus I have been learning to empathize rather than criticize. 


One friend taught me to praise someone I was disappointed with before I tried to correct them.   Usually they are too fragile to hear my suggestions. Sympathy is better sometimes than empathy.

A few minutes ago I was listening to anguished people who are suffering evacuation from their homes, because of forest fires. They burst into tears easily, but are grateful for shelter dormitory style, food and kind people trying to help.

Suddenly I remembered how hard it was many times in my life, to say good bye to home, comforts and friends, moving on to a new unfamiliar location, among strangers. Those times of grief occurred starting in 1939 when I left Vegreville to go to University of Alberta.

I have had to move at least 25 times. Some places have been lovely but needed repairs and touches of hominess.  Others were filthy and needed much more to make them safe and livable. Grief for all these places is welling up now. 

 Suddenly I realize that I have suppressed grief over loss of many favorite things. Complex emotions surface and overflow.



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