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Harrison Music Festival

Kids Will Be Kids

Puppetry, Storytelling, Music with Fred Penner part of the entertainment

Bryan Cutler, Harrison Festival Society


he 39th Harrison Festival of the Arts will be presenting its annual Childrenís Day on Wednesday, July 12, in and around the Memorial Hall in Harrison Hot Springs.

"In recent years we have leaned heavily towards music and singing in our Childrenís Day program, with artists like Fred Penner and Charlotte Diamond" says artistic director, Andy Hillhouse. "This year, while we still have a great musical component, we have decided to mix it up a bit, with a little more of a theatrical bent that includes puppetry."

As is the Harrison Festival tradition, admission to Childrenís Day gives access to the indoor Memorial Hall show, which this year will feature 3 thirty-minute performances by The Purple Pirate (aka Dustin Anderson). His festival show Magic and Mayhem includes comedy, dance, and positive affirming messages that promote self-esteem and build confidence in children.

In around the hall will be a festive atmosphere of tents with music, storytelling, crafts, and physical activities. The outdoor stage will feature performances by Vancouver Puppet Theatre, a company that specializes in European styles of puppetry. Puppeteer Viktor Barkar, who learned his trade in his native Minsk, Belarus, will present his program "Meet The Puppets," which incorporates animal masks, carnival, and hand puppets based on a traditional folk tale.

Missionís Boris Sichon will be bringing the music to the event in a playful and exciting way, through a performance on the outdoor stage and in music workshops. Boris plays approximately 25 instruments from his unique collection of over 200 ethnic musical instruments, including the Russian bagpipe, Eastern European flutes, the Middle East dumbek, the Australian didgeridoo, the Indian tabla, the Turkish Gong, Irish Bones and the Russian Xylophone. He invites the audience to improvise with him on stage.

Other favourite activities from past years will be part of Childrenís Day, including storyteller Shayna Northey, who was a huge hit in 2016, the Climbing Wall, a craft station, and a playmaking station run by CSOPA.

Children's day kicks off at 11 am on Wednesday July 12 in and around the Harrison Memorial Hall. Tickets are only $6.00 for adults and kids and can be purchased at the gate. For more information about the event, please visit our website, For information about group rates, please call the festival office at 604.796.3664.

About the Harrison Festival Society

Known worldwide for its professional artistry and small town hospitality, the Harrison Festival Society has long been a beacon for growing acceptance of diversity and purpose fuelled programming. Each July for more than 35 years the Society has produced the internationally acclaimed Harrison Festival of the Arts, a 9 day, cross disciplinary, multicultural art event set amidst the small town atmosphere and breathtaking scenery of Harrison Hot Springs, BC. A charitable non-profit, grass-roots organization, the Society also presents an annual Season of the Performing Arts from September to May and works closely with a number of Fraser Valley partners in continuing to bring high quality, inclusive and accessible performing arts into the area. 604.796.3664

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