Friday July 21, 2017



There's Gold in Them Thar Mouths

Sometimes gold doesn't come in the shape of a rock

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Mark Lewis came up with a gold tooth cap. Back in the old days dentists

used gold.


he Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters crew search or interesting items using metal detectors. They go out periodically by themselves or as a group.

They meet regularly to show off their finds and this month the club held its meeting July 16, 2017, at Blackie Spit in Surrey, BC, where they also conducted a search.


Mark Lewis, founder of Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters has a toothy grin on his face now after being the lucky one during the hunt.

The club was out searching the beach when he dug up a gold tooth that any dentist would be proud of. The other item was a crematorium tag that likely worked its way back to the shore after someone's ashes were spread in the water there a long time ago. Apparently, it wasn't far enough.

A old tag washed up on the Blackie Spit bank.

"We also had our Monthly hunt there in August 2016," says Lewis who added the odd thing was that last year around the same time he found a similar item there. "I found another gold tooth there last August."

Look out Ripley's! With luck, Lewis will eventually have a full set of gold chompers.


Fore more information about how you can join the group, please visit them here.





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