Feature Story                                                                           Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Hot Metal

Fortin's annual Village Classic a stunning travelling road show of vintage vehicles that helped to build a nation

Staff/Voice photos


One of the beautiful cars at the vintage car show in downtown Chilliwack.


n June, downtown Chilliwack was converted into a parking lot. The throaty rumbles of shiny iron horses cruised in with eager pilots and copilots waving at each other.

The eye-popping show has gone from an annual event to a tradition in Chilliwack.

A mishmash showfield of desirable vehicles. A corral of beautiful eclectic cars. Old toys from mods to rods. They're the finest vintage vehicles in the Fraser Valley. Pure elegance. Iconic cars perfectly preserved that helped shape the automobile industry in Canada. A time when gas was 18 a gallon.

Hurst sticks, high-end restorations from novice to hardcore enthusiasts driving every make and model imaginable. Stock, modified. Some lowered, but all blue ribbon tricked-out rides. The cars speak for themselves.


Big fat mopars with wide meats put together by top gun mechanics and body guys. Intricate pinstripes. Candy paint finishes. Rat rods that could tear up the asphalt. Vintage rocket-powered Corvettes looking like they just came off the showroom floor. There was even a truck limousine.
Most of the originals are long gone now but these are what you call survivors of a bygone era. Long hoods hiding sparkling engines.

This is what was waiting for those who took the time out to show their support and drool a little. Just a little.




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