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airy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is proud to present the book Dairy Farmers, Deeply Rooted for a Strong Future, which features, representing British Columbia, the Porter family of Porter's Dairy Farm, in Chemainus, British Columbia. Showcasing the contributions of Canadian dairy farmers in the building and growth of our country, the book was created in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada.

The book traces the emergence of dairy farming in each of Canada's provinces through the personal stories of a family of dairy farmers who have been farming for many generations.

"Dairy farming has changed so much since my family first started farming, but what remains is a deep love and appreciation of the land and what it's provided for us," says Don Porter. "Our family is proud to produce high quality milk for the people of Vancouver Island and Canada."

Don's ancestors immigrated to Chemainus from England in 1883 to take up work at the local sawmill. They soon bought some land, built a barn and grew a small milking herd. In 1938, Don's father Charlie began bottling and selling milk door-to-door, helping him grow his herd to 55 cows and becoming a well-loved member of the Vancouver Island community because of his milk truck. Today, Don and his wife Karen, along with their son Ian and his wife Brianne, run Porter's Dairy Farm and milk 250 cows on 400 acres of cleared land.

"By feeding the country in a sustainable way, Canadian dairy farmers have withstood the test of time, from even before Confederation, to produce Canadian quality milk," said Wally Smith, DFC's President. "I am honoured to introduce the Porter family, whose story shows a great love for dairy farming, and a deep sense of community."

To read the Porter family and Porter's Dairy Farm full story, please visit for a PDF version of the book.

About Dairy Farmers of Canada

Founded in 1934, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is the national organization defending the interests of Canadian dairy farmers and striving to create favourable conditions for the Canadian dairy industry. Working within supply management, DFC promotes safe, high quality, sustainable, and nutritious Canadian dairy products made from 100% Canadian milk through various marketing, nutrition, policy, and lobbying initiatives. Driven by a strong sense of community and pride, DFC and Canadian dairy farmers actively support a number of local and national initiatives. Visit for more information.


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