Monday July 10, 2017 


Fire News

Barking Mad

The Chilliwack Fire Department is being run ragged by butt-flickers

Ian Josephson, CFD Chief


he Chilliwack Fire Department would like to remind the community that our road medians, grassy road shoulders and landscaped areas including cedar hedges continue to be the origin of many small fires.


Since June 1, 2017 the Fire Department has attended over 32 bark mulch and cedar hedge fires, many caused by motorists or pedestrians that carelessly discard their cigarettes.


Additionally, rural ditches are dry and are a potential source for grass fires. These fires can quickly spread in windy conditions and may threaten lives and property.


The Chilliwack Fire Department is requesting everyone’s cooperation to properly dispose of their smoking materials to prevent fires from occurring.


The Fire Department also continues to respond to many back yard fires in the community.   The City’s Open Air Burning regulations do not allow for burning of wood materials. Charcoal, gas fired or electric grills for the purpose of cooking are permitted along with gas fireplaces and outdoor heaters.


Please check with your Fire Department prior to lighting any fire on your property or go to our website at



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