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Survey calls for more humane treatment of chickens

Kenny Torrella, Mercy For Animals


Chicken barn. Wikipedia photo.


 new poll conducted by NRG Research Group after a Lilydale Chicken investigation, shows nine out of ten Canadians want food companies to commit to greatly reducing the suffering of chickens in their supply chains, even if it results in higher prices.

This poll comes as Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Boston Pizza, and other industry leaders have already committed to higher chicken welfare standards.

Mercy For Animals is calling on Cara Foods, "parent" company of Harvey's, Milestones, and Kelsey's, to catch up and commit to higher chicken welfare standards.

The poll surveyed consumers on improving each step of a broiler chicken's life, from genetic selection to slaughter.


Key findings include the following:

  90% support for slower-growing chickens

  88% support rendering chickens unconscious before slaughter

  88% oppose extreme crowding, support giving chickens more space

  86% support banning these conditions even if per-pound cost of chicken meat increases

NRG Research Group conducted methodologically sound online surveys in Canada on behalf of Mercy For Animals.

The purpose of the research was to examine public attitudes toward new regulatory approaches regarding the treatment of broiler chickens and whether buyers of chicken products (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) should demand their suppliers have more humane standards in place .

A total of 500 surveys were conducted in Canada to assist in answering these objectives.

The surveys found that in Canada there is broad support for the notion that buyers of food chicken products (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) should require their suppliers to improve the manner in which they raise and process broiler chickens.

Strong majorities of respondents agreed with the introduction of various proposed regulatory measures.

In Canada, the strongest agreement with buyers demanding new regulatory approaches of their suppliers were around the introduction of healthier breeds of broiler chickens and ensuring enough clean litter is present for the birds.

All regulatory approaches tested, however, received support (agreement) of over 80% of respondents.

It also should be noted that 86% of respondents agreed that restaurants and grocery stores should still insist that their broiler chicken suppliers introduce new more humane standards even if it meant the cost per pound of chicken may increase slightly.

Download the Mercy for Animals pdf survey report here.

Learn more about Mercy For Animals or to donate, please visit here.



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