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Want a fire? Don't even think about it

Wenday Bales, Deroche


uly 8th Campfires and Category 2 and 3 open fires are prohibited throughout the entire Coastal Fire Centre with the exception of Haida Gwaii and the area known as the “Fog Zone”.


  The ban applies to all open burning devices including campfires and back yard fire pits. but does not apply to devices specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of cooking (i.e. barbeques).

The burning ban also prohibits the use of open fires for cooking, warmth or ceremonial purposes including Recreational Backyard Fire Pits. Use of fireworks is also prohibited. The prohibition does not restrict fire in stoves using gas, propane, or briquettes.

Also at this time, any other open burning, including campfires, will not be permitted in the District of Mission, including in the Municipal Forest. Due to the serious potential consequences to property, the environment and wildlife, if the fire ban is not adhered to, fines may be issued.

Occasional rain only temporarily reduces the hazard a small amount and the fire hazard quickly rises again, so the burning ban is to remain regardless of the weather until lifted by the District of Mission.

The following list of activities are not allowed:

• campfires, as defined by the Wildfire Regulation (burning of woody debris)
• open fires (using woody debris) in an outdoor stove
• tiki torches
• the use of fireworks, firecrackers, sky lanterns, burning barrels or burning cages of any size or description
• the use of binary exploding targets (e.g. for rifle target practice)
• burning in back yard fire pits, regardless of permit.

These prohibitions do not apply to CSA-rated or ULC-rated cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes or to a CSA-rated or ULC-rated portable campfire apparatus that uses briquettes, liquid or gaseous fuel, so long as the height of the flame is less than 15 centimeters.

Anyone found in contravention of an open burning prohibition may be issued a violation ticket for $1,150, required to pay an administrative penalty of $10,000 or, if convicted in court, fined up to $100,000 and/or sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs.

The Coastal Fire Centre covers all of the area west of the height of land on the Coast Mountain Range from the U.S.-Canada border at Manning Park, including Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park in the north, the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Haida Gwaii.


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