Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Love at Half-Price

SPCA offering reduced rate on cat adoptions

Released by Lorie Chortyk Van SPCA/Website photo


he BC SPCA is holding a special adoption promotion featuring half-price adult cat adoption fees from July 18 to 31 in response to the overwhelming number of felines in care at its shelters. Currently there are 743 adult cats being cared for at SPCA facilities across the province.


“The BC SPCA takes in more than 15,000 homeless felines each year and right now our shelters are filled to capacity,” says Bob Busch, general manager of operations for the BC SPCA. “We always see an influx of animals at our shelters during the summer season and this year is no exception. We hope this special promotion will be an incentive for people who have thought through their decision to adopt a cat and are just waiting for the right time.”

Busch says people who adopt cats from the SPCA are getting exceptional value, even without a special promotion.


“The BC SPCA’s average cost to care for a cat during its stay is $784, much higher than the actual adoption fee. Our costs include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, an identification tattoo or microchip, preventative treatment for internal and external parasites, any medical care or rehabilitation required, daily welfare monitoring, sheltering and feeding.”

While the goal of the promotion is to find loving homes for as many adult cats as possible, all of the usual adoption criteria will apply.


“We want to make sure that the animals are a right fit for their new home and that their needs will be met,” notes Busch.

This special adoption promotion will also include 50% off rabbit adoption fees to help find homes for the 80 rabbits presently in BC SPCA care. Busch says the majority of these rabbits have each spent more than 100 days in shelters.

For more details on the cat adoption promotion, visit your local SPCA branch or visit Follow #HalfPriceLove on Twitter to keep up with the event’s happenings.



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