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No Strings Attached Fun

High energy at Party in the Park No. 3

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Carli and Julie Kennedy tore up the stage at Party in the Park last Friday. Below, Haley Chase & The Fever play their first-ever gig.


fter the third event, Party in the Park has settled into its regular summer cadence, and last Friday featured acoustic acts Paul Filek, Carli & Julie Kennedy and local Chilliwack band Haley Chase and the Fever.


The main stage is at Central Community Park off Young Rd. Mill St., Wellington Ave. and Victoria Ave., are designated foot traffic only during the event.


Darcy D, former Prism front man and park event promoter, told The Voice prior to the show that after three shows the event is hitting its stride.


"We got our summer legs, so to speak. It's a nice vibe going on tonight," said Darcy D.


He also said there are some big surprises coming down the pike.

"Halfway through we're going to do another big one and then we're going to close it out with a bang."

Donna Dixson, Director of Community Relations for Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation (CHHCF), and others, were staffing an action-filled display teaching kids and families about healthy lifestyles.

According to Dixson, a lot of work needs to be done because Chilliwack is one of the unhealthiest communities in British Columbia.

"We have the worst health statistics and if we get kids to realize, then it will change those health stats," she said.

Party in the Park is a great venue for the CHHCF to teach families about healthy living.

"Its part of our mandate to educate people about alternatives about what is required to be healthy, so eating vegetables, more vegetables and doing some kind of exercise," Dixson said.

Hofstede's Country Barn donated around 1000 vegetable packages which were given out to kids who completed fun tasks such as spinning a prize wheel or doing Jumping Jacks etc.

"I'm so excited because this is exactly what we are trying to accomplish," said Dixson.

"We've got such good partners. We've got the Child and Youth Committee and we've got Bowls of Hope Society," she said.

Hayley Chase and the Fever took centre stage in their first live gig together as a band in a tight set that showcased Chase's powerful set of pipes and range on some hard-to-do cover tunes.

Backup singer Josh Goodstadt, told The Voice after their set that it was only through a ton of practice that the band has been able to gel. He's been singing for about 15 years and that experience came out during the band's set.

"Still, with all the practicing, we didn't quite know what was going to happen up there," Goodstadt said of their performance. "But it came together, it was awesome."

He met one of the band members while looking for a place to keep his horses.

Goodstadt's wife, Layla Lucas, is training at Island 22 for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil on her horse, a Kentucky bred thoroughbred called "Othello".

He's confident his wife is going to bring home the gold

"This horse and her talent is off the scale," he said.

According to Goodstadt, when they first got Othello, he was wild and they came close to giving him up.

But Goodstadt, who happens to be a behaviouralist and has been training dogs for thirty years, decided to try to work with the animal and see if he could bring him around and it worked.

The following act were identical twins Carli and Julie Kennedy, who put on a clinic and set the stage on fire with blistering fiddle and guitar work.

The Vancouver Island sisters just got back from Nashville where they were writing and recording, and they've been nominated for five BC Country Music Awards.

Rounding out the night's entertainment was Paul Filek accompanied by an acoustic player.

Filek came in from Kamloops for the Chilliwack event

The stage and light setup is courtesy of Tractorgrease Multimedia. Sound is from Go Audio.

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