Friday, July 5, 2013


Just Sayin'

Spin to Win

Flood protection and power plays  

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e're not sure why a pack of ex-mayor cronies would want to hold a news conference on flood control.


They’re no longer mayors. They're not engineers. They looked more like a senate committee in charge of comedy.


Here's something to think about; Why didn't they do anything about their concerns on their watches?


The City has capable staff working on the issue of flood control.


All of a sudden municipalities have been doing it all wrong, and we're supposed to believe in this grand epiphany of theirs?


The group also used the example of the recent southern Alberta flooding to further incite fear.


First, rally the the taxpayers onside by telling them they're at dire risk of a possible Calgary-type of flood. This in turn will put pressure on the provincial government to bump their agenda to the front of the line.


These light-middleweights might be able to lever Victoria for some extra infrastructure funding, but because there would never be enough to pay for their proposals, municipalities would be forced to offload  that onto people by raising taxes.


There's been plenty of speculation about why Hames, who is with Canada Lands Corporation, and John Les are spearheading the issue of flood control.


"Its about power, they can't let go of it," an unnamed City councillor told The Voice off the record last week.


According to one local, they felt that Sylvia Pranger is sincere in her concerns, but is somewhat misguided on the issue. They also said that when Les was mayor he "sat around" when the funding was available but didn't go after it. 




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