Thursday, July 11, 2013

Salmon News

Boycotts Continue

Feedlot foes hit the bricks at Walmart

Released by Don Staniford, Handout photo



almart became the latest supermarket to feel the heat when the Chilliwack chapter of the Salmon Feedlot Boycott protested Wednesday outside the world's #1 retail chain.

"Wild Salmon forever" that was the chant heard outside of the Eagle Landing Walmart Wednesday afternoon, reported a local media outlet.

The chants were out of protest from the Chilliwack chapter of the Salmon Feedlot Boycott for Walmart’s across Canada to stop stocking their shelves with farmed Atlantic salmon and for those shopping in the stores to not purchase it.

Members of the Feedlot Boycott were armed with educational materials regarding the harmful effects of the feedlots set in our B.C. coastal waters, among other places across Canada and the world.

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