Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Volunteers needed for Chipmunk Creek staging area July 27

Submitted by Tom Timmerman, DualSport BC


DualSport BC photo.


irt Bikes, Quads, SxS and 4x4 clubs are gathering together at Chipmunk Creek in the Chilliwack River Valley Saturday July 27 2013 to finalize the construction of the Chipmunk Creek ORV Staging Area.


This will be the first major step in enhancing the off road experience in the Chilliwack River Valley.


This is the Second Official Motorized Staging Area for the Lower Fraser Valley (first being Grace Lake) It is important that we as users show our support for such endeavours by donating a little volunteer time, it goes a long way for future support from our government for our sport.


There should be a Bobcat on site and generators to run the power tools. This should be a fun day getting the site ready for the August Long Weekend, and the upcoming Grand Opening. This is your chance to participate in building a quality, motorized riding area.

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