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May the Paint Be With You

A unique look at Star Wars on canvas at The Reach Gallery

Submitted by Scott Marsden, Curator The Reach Gallery, Abbotsford/Website image


Chris Woods art show at the Reach Gallery July 11 to September 8.


hilliwack-based artist, Chris Woods, exposes a critical light on consumer culture and the spiritual void that is at the core of North American culture.


Over the past 15 years he has masterfully exposed shopping malls, fast-food outlets, billboards and car culture. In this exhibition, Woods turns his attention to popular culture with a new and radical exploration of the mega saga Star Wars mythology but with a bizarre twist. His re-examination of the Star Wars saga will be from the perspective of the primary adversary, Darth Vader.


By turning the narrative of the Star Wars trilogy inside out, Woods is attempting to go beyond the ‘good-guy, bad-guy’ Hollywood dichotomy and reveal that Vader's history of personal trauma, isolation and abuse stands at the root of an adult who never truly had the chance to choose good over evil. 


Chris Woods sees the Star Wars trilogy as one of the popular myths of our time, just as French Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) saw the Divine Comedy (Dante), the Aeneid (Virgil) and Hamlet (Shakespeare) as the popular myths of his time.

Abbotsford, BC – The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford presents six stimulating and eclectic exhibitions for the summer of 2013.

Sandstorm by Chris Woods

Fraser Valley 2013 Biennale

Our Communities Our Stories: Heritage Remembered: Buildings and Streetscapes from the Past by Don Bladon & Brian Croft

Intervention by Design by David Kilvert & Krista Kilvert

From Here To There (and back again) by Krista Kilvert

Masks: Hidden/Revealed by Warm Zone, Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley (on exhibit from July 11 – 28)

Fraser Valley 2013 Biennale

The Reach, in collaboration with Abbotsford Arts Council, Maple Ridge Art Gallery and Mission Arts Council, presents the Fraser Valley 2013 Biennale. This series of juried exhibitions profiles some of the best visual artists from across the Fraser and promotes the creativity that is specific to the Fraser Valley. This exhibition focuses on regionalism and recognizes that this area has some of British Columbia’s most thought-provoking visual artists. The 2nd Biennale offers the public an opportunity to view four impressive exhibitions in art galleries and arts councils in the Fraser Valley region that showcase both professional and emerging visual artists.


Heritage Remembered: Buildings and Streetscapes from the Past

This exhibition features works by Don Bladon, a local model artist who captures Abbotsford’s built heritage in highly-detailed 1/87 scale models by Brian Croft, known for “painting the history of Vancouver and British Columbia”. Often working from one or two photographs of long-gone structures to calculate size and scale, Bladon re-captures lost community heritage, preserving structures as they appeared in their heyday. Croft’s meticulous research results in highly-accurate captured moments in time as in his most recent work, Abbotsford – 1922, that brings to life the comings and goings in the village on a sunny spring day.


Intervention By Design by David Kilvert and Krista Kilvert

This exhibition showcases a selective cross-section of print and product design created by design professionals David Kilvert + Krista Kilvert. With careers spanning over 30 years, the Kilverts have collaborated with a wide range of corporate, governmental and cultural clients and have produced successful and award winning results both in Canada and the United States. Kilvert + Kilvert currently reside in the Fraser Valley.


From Here To There (and back again) by Krista Kilvert

For years Krista Kilvert has been flying under the radar, one foot in the design arena and the other in the ongoing development of a body of personal artwork. Kilvert is known to cross-pollinate concepts and ideas with a diversity of mediums and materials.


Masks:  Hidden/Revealed (on exhibit from July 11 – 28) These masks are created by the women of the Warm Zone – street-entrenched women who know all about the paradox of vulnerability and strength, of hiding and revealing. Each mask tells a story. Look into each face and see what is hidden, what is revealed. The Warm Zone is a drop in centre for street-entrenched women. It is one of many services provided by the Women's Resource Society of the Fraser Valley. 


For more information, please contact Scott Marsden at 604 864-8087 x 122.


The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford

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