Tuesday, July 16, 2013

City Hall News

Tired City

Municipality recycles 81 tires

Released by Jamie Leggatt, the City of Chilliwack


year ago, the City of Chilliwack made a small change in its tire purchasing policy for fleet vehicles that significantly benefitted both the environment and the City's pocketbook. Instead of buying new tires for larger fleet vehicles and equipment, the City started having those tires re-treaded for reuse.


Reusing tires keeps old tires out of the landfill and reduces the number of new tires that need to be manufactured. This reduces the use of fossil fuels used in the tire manufacturing process and reduces the number of new tires that could end up in the landfill in the future.

In 2012 alone the City saved approximately 4,604 litres of oil through the re-tread program that would otherwise have been used to manufacture new tires. In addition, the City avoided sending 81 tires to the landfill and has saved over $10,000 in tire maintenance costs for the fleet.

"It really is incredible that just one small change can result in such significant environmental benefits and savings," said Mayor Gaetz. "The City of Chilliwack is firmly committed to preserving the local environment and will continue to look for ways to make a positive impact."

In 2012 Kal Tire was awarded the City's tire maintenance services contract for fleet vehicles. Their local tire re-tread plant on Progress Way in Chilliwack has played an important role in enabling the City to save funds while benefiting the environment. Recently Kal Tire presented the City with a certificate celebrating the success of the program and the many benefits that have occurred as a result.


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