Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chilliwack Politics

MacAhonic to Run for the BC NDP

Chamber executive director intends to go up against Les in 2013

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he Voice learned first hand last month of Patti MacAhonic intentions to take on MLA John Les in the next provincial election.


We don't know if she's been vetted. We don't know if she'll be facing a nomination process. We don't know when she'll officially announce her candidacy. What we do know is of her intention to dethrone Chilliwack MLA John Les.


MacAhonic, who recently took over as executive director of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, figures to be a top candidate she has upper level support in the business community for her campaign. She has much work to do in gaining voter trust, but can take some pointers from how MLA Gwen O'Mahony rose through the ranks.


FVRD Area B Director Dennis Adamson has high praise for MacAhonic.


"I admire anyone whom is willing to put their name forward for public office it takes tremendous courage," he told the Voice in an e-mail Thursday.

We asked Adamson about his own plans to run for office and it seems to be a given that we'll see him back either with the FVRD or the BC New Democrats.


Adamson was optimistic about his plans to run in the next provincial election.

"I ran for Area 'B' because I was asked to. I ran for the nomination for NDP Chilliwack-Hope because I was asked to. I plan to continue to serve the public in whatever office they give me the honor of holding."

Adamson thinks FVRD Area C Director Wendy Bales should put her name forward for the NDP to run against Randy Hawes.


"I believe she would be a great asset to both the Party and the Community. Wendy Bales is one of the most dedicated elected officials I have ever met and I believe it will be beneficial to her Community and the Province if she is chosen to serve the Public in a higher office."



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