Thursday, July 5, 2012


BC Politics

A Revenue-Neutral Situation

BC Liberals say NDP Carbon Tax plan will nix jobs

Released by Ben James, BC Gov't Caucus


he NDP has shown once again that they don't understand British Columbia's competitive economy, and that their policies will kill jobs in the province.


During a July 3 interview on Vancouver's CKNW radio, NDP environment critic Rob Fleming said government should "fix" the carbon tax by using it to fund transportation projects. To pay for these projects he re-iterated the NDP's proposed plan to raise business taxes to make the carbon tax "revenue positive" to government. The result would be higher taxes to pay for NDP projects.

"Raising taxes on business will only kill jobs in B.C.," says Kamloops-North Thompson MLA and Environment Minister Terry Lake. "The NDP still don't seem to understand that higher taxes will hurt BC's competitiveness and our economy. They have conveniently skipped over the fact that the carbon tax has returned $500 million more to taxpayers than it has raised in revenue. "

The carbon tax puts a price on emissions to encourage British Columbians to reduce their use of fossil fuels and promote more environmentally responsible choices. The carbon tax is revenue-neutral: Every dollar generated is returned to British Columbians through reductions in other taxes.

These include credits for low-income individuals, cutting the first two personal income tax rates by five per cent, providing northern and rural homeowners with a property tax benefit of up to $200 annually, and reducing business taxes.

"B.C. has reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions in four of the last five years. To meet our goal of a 33 per cent reduction by 2020, there's still a lot of work ahead of us. But turning the carbon tax into a cash grab won't help us get there. The NDP plan will just make life more expensive for ordinary British Columbians," added Lake.

The BC NDP opposed the carbon tax when it was first introduced but their energy critic, Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan, has since admitted they "collectively made a mistake" by opposing the carbon tax. (Vancouver Sun, February 17, 2011)


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