Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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No Pipeline, Period

BC Greens say Enbridge spill response plans lack, cite poor record

Released by Rebecca Help, BC Green Party


he BC Liberals laid out conditions their government will impose before heavy oil pipelines are approved. The five conditions sounded like tacit approval for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. The BC Conservatives support the pipeline under similar conditions.


The BC NDP is opposed to the pipeline and are consulting lawyers to see if the project can be stopped if approved by the Joint Review Panel.

"BC Greens oppose the Northern Gateway project," says Leader Jane Sterk. "We stand with the local communities and First Nations who overwhelmingly oppose this pipeline and the accompanying tanker traffic along BC's wild and fragile coast.

"Our position is grounded in the need to transition off fossil fuels, not enable unsustainable expansion. There is no condition under which we see a benefit to BC.

"Enbridge does not have the required social license to operate in BC. Their record of spills on existing pipelines, their inability to
respond when spills occur and the inadequacy of clean up efforts should eliminate them from any consideration.

"Greens believe in decentralized decision-making whereby local rather than provincial or federal support would determine the approval of resource development. Approval would be grounded in cumulative impacts. The prime benefits of the projects need to accrue to local communities and the surrounding region.

"A BC Green government would say no to the Northern Gateway Pipeline. We stand with the overwhelming majority of presenters to the Joint Review Panel who are saying no at each of the community hearings. We stand with the majority of British Columbians who reject this project for precautionary reasons.

"As Terry Lake indicated, BC's opportunity to say no comes with the need to issue permits for hundreds of land crossings. Most British Columbians believe BC and its citizens have a right to determine what happens in the province. The permitting process represents that right.

"BC Greens remain hopeful that the Joint Review Panel will reject the Northern Gateway Pipeline. But if they approve the project, or if the Harper Conservatives override a no by the National Energy Board, BC Greens would protect British Columbians right to say an unequivocal no," concludes Sterk.

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