Feature Story                                                                                                                  Monday July 23, 2012


Teen Trouble

Under age driver causes crash that sends one to hospital

Staff/Voice photos


Paramedics attend to driver with undetermined injuries after Brooks Ave. crash on Saturday.


n under aged driver allegedly caused a horrific crash between a Ford Escape SUV with Northwest Territories plates and a pickup truck just before 2 P.M. on Saturday.


According to witnesses, a 15-year-old Native male was behind the wheel of the early model Dodge pickup truck which backed out on to Brooks Ave. when the SUV slammed into it.


The SUV's airbags deployed and the injured driver managed to get out of the vehicle where he laid down on the ground until paramedics arrived on the scene.


The driver of the SUV was stabilized on the street before being moved from a backboard to a stretcher and then into the waiting ambulance.


The teen was detained at the scene and placed into the back of a police cruiser. Its unclear if the pickup truck, supposedly owned by an uncle, was actually in the process of being stolen by the teen.


There was no word on the driver's condition or the injuries he sustained, however we can tell you that at the time of the accident he was alert, conscious and breathing, and the only person in the SUV.


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