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Rosedale Rezoned

Tycrop expansion plans now a reality

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Council listens to residents at the public hearings regarding Tycrop rezoning application.


he sleepy little hamlet of Rosedale got a wake-up call Tuesday at City Hall as councillors voted unanimously in favour of rezoning the 51000 block of Yale Road and the 9800 block of McGrath Road to accommodate Tycrop modernization plans.

About 60 people, showed up at the regular evening council session for public hearings on three rezoning applications from Tycrop Industries Ltd..

Most of the sixteen people who addressed council spoke out against the rezoning applications, despite reassurances from co-owner Gary Tycrop that they will work to address neighbourhood concerns.

Rod Harmachuck asked about noise buffers and said that the sound the plant makes at night is like a locomotive.

City staff then informed Harmachuck that from 9 P.M. to 7 A.M. sound levels are not to exceed 65 decibels.

Tycrop plant neighbour Grant Ewing was exasperated, saying he's woken up every night at 1:30 A.M. by trucks coming and going.

Gary Tycrop on a break at the City Hall meeting Tuesday evening.

Tycrop spoke with reporters after the meeting, saying that he was pleased with council's decision to allow the land to be re-designated from residential to commercial use.

"It was interesting to hear our neighbours, as you know we had a public meeting and some of them came out and we've been working to address those concerns," Tycrop said, adding that he wants the community to be proud of his business and not "wish it would leave."

Some people at the meeting called it a "degradation" and "defacing" of Rosedale and talked about the village losing it's character. Others took issue over Tycrop building a septic field before being approved by city staff.

"We have not been informed that putting in a septic field on a residential property like we did, contravened any of the bylaws of the City, and if we did, we're sorry. We were informed by professionals that it did not."

Tycrop, a trailer manufacturing plant, currently has 350 people on the payroll. Once the new office, parking lot, equipment storage building and septic field upgrades are done, they'll likely be adding another 200 full-time positions.

According to Tycrop the new hires will include everything from accountants and engineers to warehouse workers and even truck swampers.

"We always try to hire local. If somebody applies and they're local and they have the qualifications, they definitively have got a shoe in."

Tycrop said that it has taken at least two years, plus a great deal of planning to get the to this level but says it's not something that happens overnight.

"Its going to take a number of years to do this. We have to continue our operations, so, those 350 people currently working there have to be able to keep working while the construction is happening, which will create jobs as well."

Tycrop refused to comment about any plans the company may have about an application to have adjacent land taken out of the Agricultural Land Reserve sometime down the road, but says it isn't a deal-breaker.

With that expansion, the company would be sinking altogether about $30M into the project.

Note: Councillor Huttema was not present at the meeting.



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