Wednesday July 11, 2012


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Scooter Mishap

Second crash in as many days leaves a man injured  

Staff/Voice photos


An injured scooterist is tended to by paramedics Wednesday morning at Nowel St and Yale Rd.


man riding a scooter west on Yale Rd. plowed into the back of a car stopped at the Nowell St. traffic signal at around 7:30 A.M. Wednesday morning.

It's not clear how the accident happened. Traffic on that stretch is light at the time of day it happened. The rider apparently bashed his nose and remained lying on the pavement until paramedics arrived when he was carefully placed onto a back-board and taken to Chilliwack General Hospital to be treated for undetermined injuries. The rider was wearing a helmet.

Fire crews were also quick to respond and shut down Yale Rd. Vehicles were diverted in both directions while RCMP investigated the crash scene.

This was the second scooter-type vehicle crash in as many days. Late yesterday afternoon, a man on a motorized wheelchair ducked under the Young Rd rail crossing barrier and was nearly killed by a passing train.

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