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Blowin' In the Wind

Mother Nature throttles downtown park party Friday

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Central Community Park in Chilliwack, which would normally be packed with people on Friday night for Party in the Park, was ghostly empty at around 6 P.M.


he most amazing thing happened Friday at Party in the Park. For the first time in four years, organizers of the well-known Chilliwack event were forced to cancel due to weather concerns.


This was the second consecutive week Mother Nature has thwarted the popular event at Central Community Park in Chilliwack.


On July 13th the show had to be halted to allow a sudden squall to pass.


There were also reports a mattress in a back yard on Ashwell Rd. was struck by lightning last week, so this week organizers were taking no chances.


“The Committee decided to cancel tonight's event due to inclement weather at noon,” said Desmond Devnich said Chilliwack BIA Coordinator in an e-mail to the Voice Friday night.


“Solutions to what was missed this evening are under development. I'm sure Leanne Adderley, our chairperson, will share the news early next week,” said Devnich responding to a question asked earlier, if August 31 will be tacked on to the schedule to replace the missing day.


Next week is Circus Night and falls under the now-for-something-completely-different category as comedian Wayne Dahl takes the 98.3 Star FM Entertainment Stage. It’s the first time a comedian has performed at Party in the Park and should prove to be interesting.


Later, watch for Poppy and the Pistols along with Regdy Blackout as the featured bands.


August 3rd will see John Ellis, Brent Lee, and Kenny Hess take the stage.


Watch the Voice later for more on Party in the Park.


Connect with the BIA at www.downtownchilliwack.com



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