Friday, July 6, 2012


Seen on the Set

Chilliwack on Fire

Film production company takes over downtown

Staff/Voice photo


Crews move equipment on Wellington to Victoria Thursday during filming of World on Fire.


hilliwack became Paxton Orgeon for two days this week as film crews took over downtown for the production of a TV mini-series called World on Fire, where a mining company in Oregon who somehow trigger a volcanic eruption that envelops the town.


The production crew was as just large as GEP Productions' was when filming Eureka in Chilliwack, however there were fewer props and gizmo’s used in this production. An interesting mural was with the word "Paxton" was painted on the side of the brick building on Mill St.


Almost as fast as crews could set up equipment it came down again and moved to a different location in and around Victoria Ave, Mill St, Nowell St. and Wellington Ave.


In the Voice's photos, you'll see the actors talking with the set director in a blue checkered shirt and catch a glimpse of the bespectacled cigar-chomping director in a brown jacket who bounds onto the set several times.


Filming took place over two days and its expected traffic in the area will return to normal on Friday. Businesses remained open throughout the shoot. Crews were friendly and extras seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.


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