Sunday, July 1, 2012



When a Horse Speaks, Kids Listen

Hospice gives support where it's needed

Submitted by Christina Johnson, CHS


A child whispers with a Chilliwack Hospice horse where grieving kids can go spend the day.



hank you so much for your generous support of our 4th Annual Horse Whisperer Grief Camp! We had a wonderful day on Saturday, June 23rd with 29 children and 26 volunteers, each of whom had experienced a personal loss.

The actual Horse Camp day and the orientation we held prior to the camp, provided tremendous support to the children.  Tentative at first, they quickly responded to each other and realized that they do not have to go through grief alone.

The day provided an opportunity to build a trust relationship with the horse they rode, then again at our reflective station where they discussed the feelings of horses and humans.  The participants had an opportunity to further express themselves at the art station and then to show care for the miniature horses as they groomed, exercised and even rode them.

On behalf of the planning committee for the Horse Whisperer Grief Camp, I thank you for your wonderful support and by featuring this wonderful program on your website.



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