Feature Story                                                                                                      Friday July 24, 2012


King of the Toad

Natural wonder: Western Frog migration begins soon at Ryder Lake

Released by Suzie MacMillan, Fraser Valley Conservancy


Fraser Valley Conservancy facilitates road closures so the frogs can get to their summer habitat.                       

very year thousands of dime sized juvenile Western Toads migrate across busy rural roads to reach the forested uplands, many of them don’t survive the journey.

Starting in 2009, the Fraser Valley Conservancy has been working with the City of Chilliwack and the residents of Ryder Lake to close the roads for the annual toadlet migration.

However closing the roads has a cost, it costs approximately $15,000 each year, and this year, due to lack of funding, FVC needs help raising those funds.

To help the conservancy raise money, Dawn from the Gingerbread Giant has “gingineered” a gingerbread frog pattern and 20% off all frog pattern sales will go towards the Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Project run by FVC.

In 2011 Dawn launched the Gingerbread Giant and in doing so coined the phrase "Gingineering". If you can bake a cookie, Gingerbread Giant can teach you to Gingineer them into amazing edible creations.

When Dawn heard about the toad migration and the issues FVC faced in raising funds for the project, she decided to help “I think it is important to save these little toadlets living at Ryder Lake where us humans put a road they must now cross.”

If you would like to help and donate to the project, Dawn will give those who donate over $25 dollars a free frog gingerbread pattern in return for your generosity.

You can donate online at www.fraservalleyconservancy.ca/help-the-toads

Please check out the Gingerbread Giants website at www.gingerbreadgiant.net to see over 30 different simple, creative patterns currently available.


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