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Community Event

'Talk the Walk'

Learn where the pipeline runs through Chilliwack August 1

Released by Wendy Major, Pipe-Up Network


embers of the PIPE UP Network will be gathering on Wednesday, August 1st to outreach to more local residents about the risks associated with the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline and the company’s plans for expansion to transport tar sands oil through the Lower Mainland.


The group will be distributing information about the risks associated with transporting tar sands calling attention to the fact that the pipeline crosses behind Watson Elementary School, over the Sardis/Vedder Aquifer – the primary source of drinking water for Chilliwack – and behind many local homes.


The walk will begin in the back field playground of Watson Elementary taking note of the pipeline marker at the North West corner of the field. The group will move westward along Roseberry Road, towards a second pipeline marker on Tyson road finishing at the west end of Cumberland Ave.


The Trans Mountain Pipeline was built in 1953 as a multi-use pipeline transporting jet fuel, conventional oil and natural gas. Since taking ownership Kinder Morgan has been covertly transporting tar sands diluted bitumen, announcing in February 2012 that they have plans to expand their operations.


Tar sands diluted bitumen, or ”dilbit” is different from conventional oil. It is much more likely to cause corrosion in pipelines. Raw bitumen is nearly solid at room temperature, so producers ‘dilute’ bitumen with a cocktail of volatile carcinogenic solvents. The mixture is very thick but can be moved through pipelines provided it flows at significantly higher temperatures and pressures than conventional oil.


In the event of a diluted bitumen spill, the diluents evaporate into an airborne chemical cloud of benzene, toluene and poly aromatic hydrocarbons leaving the heavy bitumen to sink within sediment and water columns. This process creates significant challenges for cleanup efforts, particularly in rivers and wetland environments. Unlike conventional oils, bitumen is heavier than water and will sink, making it much more difficult and expensive to clean up - if not impossible.


WHAT: A public walk along the right of way for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

WHERE: Watson Elementary School back field playground

WHEN: Wednesday, August 1st at 1pm

WHO: The Pro Information Pro Environment United People Network (PIPE UP Network)


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