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Five Minutes of Funk

Chilliwack's summer fun begins Friday at Central Community Park

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owntown Chilliwack BIA Executive Director Kathy Funk and  Greg Nord-Leth from Royal LePage Real Estate stopped by the 98.3 Star FM studios Friday to chat with morning show host Scott Riley about Party in the Park Tropical Night. Grass skirts, ukuleles and Hawaiian shirts are optional.


According to Funk, about 10,000 attended the event last week at Central Community Park on a night that featured a Guinness World Record set for corn shucking with almost 700 participants and various entertainment acts including Faber Drive who closed the night off with a rocking good show.

"We never know what Darcy D has planned. I know a few of the artists, so you never know what might happen," Funk said.

"We have Robin and Riley contemporary youthful kind of pop-country singers from Langley. AJ Woodworth and 604 Record Country Music Artists and the Matinees from Blue Collar Records, a six-piece roots and rock band."

All the usual things that people have come to expect at Party in the Park and more will be going into high gear tonight.

A truckload of sponsors have thrown their support behind the event that runs each Friday beginning at 5 P.M. until August 24 at Central Community Park on the corner of Young Rd. and Victoria Ave.

One of the stores open tonight will be Harvest Bakery on Mill St. who are new kid on the block, and according to Funk makes some awesome baked goods including what they call "white trash cookies" and apparently the deep fried Oreos and mars bars are to die for.

"This is one of our newest stores, Harvest Cafe and Bakery on Mill St."

Thanks to Coast Capital, our major sponsor here, but we have other great sponsors," Funk said.

Last year Royal LePage did the "Minute to Win It" contest.

"I got to embarrass people of all walks of life," Nord-Leth quipped.

According to Nord-Leth, they'll have a troical scene set-up with accessories to get decked out in.

"This year we have a whole new thing. Of course the favourite part of every vacation are those vacation slides, so we've just done away with the whole vacation and we have a dress-up photo booth at the end of Mill St. and Victoria Ave.," Nord-Leth said. "We have a tropical backdrop and we have all the extra things you need to look great."

"What happens is we take your picture, it looks like you're on this great family vacation, it would make a great Facebook status picture," he said.

The best part about it, is that its free.

"We need to have different avenues of great sponsors like Royal LePage and KPMG, who are really helpful, so we thought we better come up with something that's going to generate more income so we can keep this great party going."

At previous Party in the park events, wristbands have been all the rage. This year the BIA will be selling Party in the park wristbands.

"For a donation of $5 or more, we're going to give out these wristbands," Funk said. "Its all part of continuing to make Party in the Park happen."

Other Party in the Park mementos are available such as tee shirts and water bottles.

"We're really excited about tonight," she said.

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