Wednesday July 13, 2011



The Business of Chilliwack News

How local sites rank against each other in value and traffic



ave you got a website and you're kind of curious to know how much it's worth on the open market?


There are a variety of websites that check your Alexa website's ranking. The data is based on rankings and is just an estimate. Some site value may vary widely.


We did a little check of the various news sites for Chilliwack using and here's what we found.


Chilliwack News Site Rankings (estimated values and traffic)

1. The Progress - $1,641,571.64  (250,000 visits monthly; includes website network)

2. The Chilliwack Times - $61,572.02 - (100,00 visits monthly)

3. The Valley Voice News - $7,742.17 - (12,000 visits monthly)

4. Chilliwack Today - $1,514.04 (2500 visits monthly)

5. My Chilliwack News (Hawk Radio) $617.25  (1000 visits monthly)


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