Tuesday July 12, 2011


Give Peace A Chance

Creating personal sanctuary

Submitted by Sorcha Kincaid, Wiccan High Priestess, Chilliwack


very person needs their own safe harbour, a place they can just go to be alone. Old or young, rich or poor, wise or ....not so wise, we all need a place to reclaim our sanity. This could be a local park, your bedroom, the garden, or even a shelf on the bookcase. Either way the key is to make it yours.

For me this place is my garden, though I have several small sacred spaces throughout my home. The plants I have growing all serve a purpose and help make my little slice of heaven extra special. Culinary herbs spread roots beside medicinal herbs, vegetables help feed my family, and the sunflowers I have grown offer both privacy and a healthy snack for the birds come winter.

I try to create an environment the welcomes nature into my backyard as well. Watching the little birds come and eat is a delight for me and the kids. Not to mention educational as you try to identify the different species you see. You can literally feel the stress float away as you take in the wonders of the backyard wilderness.

Don't think that you can't create personal sanctuary inside though! There are many ways that you can bring the benefits of the outdoors indoors. An aquarium can be a bit of a hassle to get started but once set up they are low maintenance and relaxing. Children, especially those with anxiety or autism spectrum disorders can find an aquarium to be very beneficial. Also, watching fish swim has been proven by medical science to reduce blood pressure!

Personal sanctuary can be a large space or small. If you only have a small surface in your home to use you can do many things to make it completely yours. Pictures of loved ones or natural settings, objects that have great personal significance, or religious statuary are all great decorative ideas. You can add a touch of nature with a small plant or cut flowers, crystals or stones, or anything you find when you are out and about. As long as it brings you peace of mind make it welcome in your haven and your heart.

In today's busy and crazy world we all need to take a moment every now and again to think about what we need to be happy. You can't expect that your mind and body will take day after day of punishment and not require a moment of peace and solitude. Even 20 minutes a week can be enough to improve your health and mental outlook. A good diet and exercise are also key factors, but a little bit of peace can go a long way.

Sorcha Kincaid is a practicing Wiccan High Priestess, a mom and works in Chilliwack. She's lived in town for many years and loves the city and surrounding countryside. You can contact her by e-mail here for more details about the Pagan community. For more information on the local chapter of pagans visit: www.paganpathways.webs.com

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