Monday July 11, 2011



Playing Into Corporate Hands

Lake Errock community's voice ignored in APP

Submitted by Reg Longmore, Lake Errock


This letter is in response to Randy Hawes


he assumption you state, that the Area Representatives (Directors) represent local citizens concerns is preposterous, if this was true, why was a four year gag order placed upon them? My area (C) director is adamantly opposed to the APP in it's current format.


The real reason a gag order was placed upon area representatives was because you knew full well that this despised (aggregate producer driven) potential legislation would be derailed before it got started. The APP was devised by the aggregate industry, for the benefit of the aggregate industry with absolute disregard for the community residents, environment, habitat, tourism, and fragile eco system. You call this democratic? Obviously our views on democracy are very different.

You state that if the APP proceeds, it will be followed by public hearings. What would possibly be the point of this? You have already heard the citizens' concerns and refused to acknowledge them, so would you change your mind at a later date? We already know the answer to this don't we?

You state that the ASP has absolutely no way of succeeding, is this because it actually DOES represent the interests and concerns of the area residents, and not just the interests of the corporate driven APP?

You steadfastly refuse to even discuss the REAL concerns here, you refuse to discuss health concerns of impacted residents, you refuse to discuss environmental issues, you refuse to discuss water/watershed issues, and you refuse to discuss mountain stability issues.


In the corporate handout that accompanied the original draft of the APP, the aggregate producers acknowledged what the potential fallout would be, and it stated that the environmental issues should be downplayed as much as possible, but that handout was not supposed to be viewed by the public was it? You have done a good job of following that mandate to the letter.

What we require, is good governance that represents all the people, and not just corporate interests, greed and money. We require honest representation, and not closed door subterfuge that is designed to keep area populace in the dark.

You state that you believe the crusher being used now at the Lake Errock pit predates the FVRD, but does it predate the Dewdney Allouette Regional District (DARD)? Absolutely Not, and that trumps the FVRD. You may remember DARD, were you not an opponent of gravel mining in residential areas when you sat on that committee, and mayor of Mission?

The corporate driven APP uses colour designations to indicate where gravel mining is permitted, and it's quite ironic, (and probably tongue in cheek) that they choose the colour GREEN to indicate where gravel mining can take place. In the Aggregate Producers handout I alluded to earlier, it indicates that as much as possible, gravel pits should be allowed to be as close to main arterial roadways as possible, to increase ease of transportation, and increase profits. I suppose it is just collateral damage if these roadways, and gravel pits, happen to run right through residential neighborhoods.

You allude to living close to a gravel pit is akin to living close to an airport. That is absolutely incredulous, how can you possibly compare the two? Airports need to be where they are, gravel pits can be practically anywhere, as gravel, sand and rock comprise most of the Earths' surface, how can you even state such a ridiculous comment?

Let's finally get to the crux of the matter. This APP is a corporate driven, money making, cash cow, designed solely for the Aggregate Producers, and government to maximize their profits, regardless of the impact to citizens of our valley. What angers, frustrates, and brings tears to my soul, is that the government I help to elect, steadfastly refuses to equally represent the people who elected them.


What we really have is Capitalism run riot over the lives of ordinary Canadians who are left feeling abandoned by the representatives whose welfare they are sworn to protect.

I sincerely hope with all my heart, that there are still a few "decent" representatives left in all levels of government who can still see how tragic and unfair this potential legislation really is, and that they still have the decency to stand up and voice their outrage at what is taking place here, after all, gravel is the most common commodity on the planet, why would it be so imperative to extract it right in the centre of populated communities?


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