Wednesday July 6, 2011

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Random Rafe

"Yes get rid of the HST!"

Submitted by Rafe Mair


i everyone. This is just a note to tell you that I'm voting YES to get rid of the HST. There are a number of reasons but the main one is credibility. After all, if someone asking you to do something and gives reasons - and that person is a proved serial liar - why would you believe them?


The Liberal government from Day One has deceived the public and even ran an election based on two lies - that they had no idea a Recession would put the lie to their budget and that HST wasn't even "on the radar screen". They lied about the HST not being on the radar screen, the 2009 budget, privatizing BC Rail, and lied through their teeth and continue to do so on private energy projects. (Google Colin Hansen (then Finance Minister) Private Power and see a half a dozen consecutive blatant falsehoods about private power policy)

Now if they simply said "we think the HST is good", that would be tough enough to believe but they go further and promise a 2% reduction in two years. That is no small matter and is a critical part of their HST

I don't believe the bastards.

Anyone else that does, please contact me about a bridge I have for sale.

Wendy and I are voting YES

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