Friday July 29, 2011


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Stupidity in Motion

Two men lucky to escape unharmed after track escapades

Released by Cpl Tammy Hollingsworth, UFVRD Chilliwack RCMP


The driver of this pickup truck had nothing left to drive home in after getting in the way of a train on the CPR main line.  RCMP photo.


n July 24, 2011, shortly after 2:30 in the early morning, Agassiz RCMP responded to a report from CPR advising that a train had just run over a truck at the Cameron Road and Wells Road train crossing.

Upon arrival, police noted a truck with both doors ajar, that had been wedged under the front engine of the train which were both still on the tracks. Fortunately, no one was in the truck at the time of the collision.


Witnesses told police that the vehicle was seen driving on the tracks towards the train. Two men were seen jumping from the vehicle seconds before the train collided with the truck. The occupants of the truck then drove north on Cameron Road, went around the railway arms that were flashing and lowered and proceeded to drive east on the railway tracks.

Two men were brought back to the scene by a witness; the driver a 21 year old Chilliwack man and the passenger a 23 year old Agassiz man. The driver was issued a violation ticket for: fail to remain at the scene of accident, fail to obey traffic control device, and drive contrary to restrictions. Alcohol was deemed to be a factor in this incident. The driver was a new driver and was to have a zero blood alcohol content. He also received a 90 day suspension from driving and his vehicle was towed. The men luckily did not sustain any injuries.

The Regional Duty RCMP Officer, Police Dog Service, Emergency Health Services, Fire Department, Modern Towing, and the CPR foreman as well as General Duty police officers all attended the scene.

"This incident consumed significant resources. This stunt was time consuming for police as well as CP Rail workers. It disturbed the trains from transporting goods which is extremely costly to CPR for having to shut down and repair the tracks."

The investigation is ongoing by the Agassiz RCMP and further charges may be considered.


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