Monday July 18, 2011

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One Man's Passion

Artist Raymond Chui presents "My Passion" show July 23 to Sept 15

Submitted by Sue Grass, CVAA


hrough his art, Raymond Chui creates a story with emotions for his audience to interpret.


In this exhibit Chui shares his passion for animals and people, showing us the appreciation and intrigue he has for the world around us.


He believes we should all be a little more passionate.


There will be a Gala opening Saturday July 23 2011 from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Bring a friend, meet the artist.


The show runs Monday to Friday from July 23 to September 15 at the Chilliwack Museum Art Chambers located at 44820 Spadina.


For more information visit: or call 604-795-5210



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