Sunday July 17, 2011

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No Methadone Clinic

A persistent rumour quashed

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PCRS on Victoria Ave. where rumors about a methadone clinic here proved false.


he Voice received reports of a methadone clinic operating out of Pacific Community Resources Services (PCRS) on Victoria Ave.


Some local businesses were concerned and said they were being hassled by what appeared to be methadone clinic clients from PRCS.

When the Voice checked into it, we found that the rumor mill was wrong and in fact there is no clinic.

FHA spokesperson, Ray-Thorpe Dorward, told the Voice in an e-mail two weeks ago that "FH does not fund or operate in any manner, methadone clinics, these are strictly private businesses often operated by a physician and/or an agency."

Lee anne Hanson, Addictions Services Manager at PCRS, stated in an e-mail that contrary to what we were told, their group doesn't operate a methadone clinic on Victoria, and there was "no truth" in the reports.

"Our agency prides itself in seeking support and collaboration with local businesses, service providers and folks living in Chilliwack whenever we provide new or expanded services," said Hanson. "Sadly not all the folks in Chilliwack who appear to have an addiction challenge are our clients... I wish they were so we could offer them services."

If you, or someone you know has a drug addiction problem you can get help from PRCS. All it takes is a simple phone call to get your life going in the right direction.

About PRCS

"Pacific Community Resources is an award winning, accredited, not-for-profit society serving Lower Mainland communities since 1984.

The agency provides alternate education, employment, addiction counselling and prevention services, housing search support, and cultural enrichment for children, youth, adults and families.

We partner with individuals, businesses, other agencies and governments to ensure access to effective, high-quality community resources for people who are often vulnerable or marginalized from society.

Pacific Community Resources is committed to community-based research, advocacy, and community development to identify service gaps and strategies to address social problems such as poverty, child abuse, mental health, substance abuse, violence and homelessness.

We currently deliver more than 40 programs serving thousands of individuals from Vancouver to Chilliwack.

Our vision is one of healthy, civic, and productive people living in socially sustainable, safe, and caring communities."

For more information visit online at: or drop into their offices located at 45904 Victoria Avenue.



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