Friday July 22, 2011


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Jogging With Jackson

Chilliwack German Shepherd dog rescue centre on fundraising drive

Compiled by staff/GSRBC photos & story


eet Jackson who came into the Kamloops pound as a stray, with his brother Griffin. They are a very bonded pair, and roughly around a year old.

        Both have been transferred to GSRBC, and have since been neutered and had their vaccinations brought up to date. 

They are likely mixed with some husky, and of the two, Jackson shows more of the GSD traits. He is a little more aloof in his dealings with people, though does love his affection and attention from those he loves. 

With strangers, he is more suspicious and on initial meeting, can be somewhat guardy. However, after that first 20 seconds, he seems unconcerned and is more than willing to check them out and make casual friends from a distance. haha.

Jackson and Griffin have spent their entire lives together. They are the only constant in each other's lives. They are very bonded, overly so, and unfortunately, this is a union that must be broken up.

Other than each other, this little team has never been socialized to other dogs, and while it's doubtful they will actually be aggressive, they are for sure a force to be reckoned with, with all that hoopla at the end of the leash. 

They have some prey drive, so neither will be available to a home with small animals. Due to their high energy and rudeness (at the moment) they will also not be available to a home with young children. They'd just mow them right down. 

Having said all that, both of these boys have the biggest hearts in the world. They bond well with people, and while they are still very young and unfocused, they will be really great companions with someone who is active and willing to put some time into training. 

They love to be loved, love to be with you, and never stray very far. 

Life hasn't handed these boys the best it has to offer yet, and we're hoping to turn that around for them. They are just unsocialized punks at the moment - haha - but very much worth the effort. They are soulful, dedicated and loving. 

If you are looking for a deep bond with your dog, want the energy in a friend to go hiking, biking, jogging with - Jackson or Griffin would be an easy fit. 

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