Thursday July 14, 2011


Is It Greener On The Other Side?

The West Coast is playing a game eco catch-up

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Director Area C


Recycling bins like these are all around the city of Halifax.


VRD Area C Drirector Wendy Bales spent her vacation on an eco-tour traveling more than 2600 km in the Halifax area. She looked at Halifax's public water system a world class Geo-thermal system using ocean water, that heated a few large buildings, and a P3 sports complex. As well some very Eco friendly farms.


She spent much of her holiday time talking to the public, farmers, loggers, government agriculture personal, and conservationists, among others just to try to find out the why and what of the differences.


Halifax's Solar Recycling and Garbage Compactors


The solar powers a compactor for the garbage so it only needs to be collected half as often. The garbage cans save on gas for trucks as well as 16 man power work days a year. So far these garbage cans around Halifax have saved the city about $267,000. That's pretty good for a small city!

I wonder if a similar design would work along the line of other things for home sized small containers that could do food grinders, juice press, vegetable oil press and in a simpler form just a solar clothes or food drier.


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