Wednesday July 6, 2011

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Intersection Safety

Drivers need to watch for pedestrians walking and talking on cell phones

Released by Lennae Durant, BCAA RSF/Web image


ith the announcement that Vancouver police will be cracking down on intersection infractions by both drivers and pedestrians over the next week, the BCAA Road Safety Foundation reminds all road users that safety is the issue.


"In an intersection it isn't about who has the right of way," stated Allan Lamb, president and COO of the BCAA Road Safety Foundation commenting on the recent announcement by police to increase enforcement of intersection laws. "The laws for intersection use are to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and drivers."

Just six months into the year and the number of pedestrian deaths in Vancouver has already exceeded that of the previous year.

Lamb points out that drivers have a lot to pay attention to in an intersection, including pedestrians, but that pedestrians should never assume that a driver sees them.

The use of handheld electronic devices while driving has proven to be a deadly distraction. New studies show that the use of these same devices by pedestrians has a similar effect in that the pedestrian becomes less aware of the situation around them.

Safe Kids Canada reported that preliminary research with 10 and 11 year old children provides strong evidence that talking on a cell phone while crossing a street increases a child's risk of being struck by a vehicle by up to one third.

The safest way to navigate an intersection is to keep your head up and pay attention. The BCAA Road Safety Foundation offers a few tips for pedestrians and drivers.

Tips for Pedestrians

Tips for Drivers

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