Monday July 11, 2011


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Have You See This Treasure?  

Family seeking lost heirlooms mistakenly sold at yard sale

Submitted Brigida Crosbie, Chilliwack


his is so important to me. I know it may look like just wood furniture. But my uncle made it and it's been in the family forever. My brother sold it by accident. I don't know if you can help, but I'm praying you can. 


It is a wood couch fairly large with a drawer at the bottom of it (my baby brother used to sleep in it), A large coffee table, end tables that were like trunks and an entertainment unit that was long. My brother sold this furniture at a Garage sale I believe on Thomas road. This furniture belonged to our deceased grandmother. Please I will purchase it back or purchase you new furniture for it's return. I was told that it may have been sold to someone that lives by Home Hardware in Sardis (the brown townhouses).


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