Monday July 18, 2011


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Community Sale

Help restore the Historical Museum to it's original glory

Submitted by Ductin Ellis, CVCS


he Clayburn Village Community Society (CVCS), will be hosting a public market, on August 14, in the park at 34810 Old Clayburn Rd., and Wright Street, across from the Clayburn Village General Store and Tea House. The sale will begin at 10 AM and will remain open until 4PM.


Vendors are encouraged to arrive at 9 AM, for set-up and late registration. A 'boot-sale' is a popular British style market, first invented in Canada, where vendors pile their wares into the trunks of their cars and meet at the market place, selling their goods from their vehicle's trunks. Vendors must pay a registration fee of $25, and may register by emailing here.

Normal registration ends on July 31, ($30 for late registration).

About Clayburn Village

Clayburn Village was established in 1906, as British Columbia's first 'company town' by Charles Maclure, son of pioneer John Maclure. The Clayburn company produced bricks and clay-fired products until 1931, and their town consisted of a school, bank, three stores, a church, and many of the homes seen along Old Clayburn Road, today.

Clayburn Village Community Society (CVCS), is a non-profit organization that oversees the historical buildings in the village.

The sale is intended to raise funds to restore and promote the community's historical museum, located on Wright Street beneath the Clayburn Community Hall, and to perform building maintenance and upgrades to the Community Hall and Church.

Deemed a federal heritage site in 1996, the Clayburn Community Hall and Church are now rented out to the public for wedding ceremonies, and other public and private events, to learn more, please visit

For more information about the sale, please email here.

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