Saturday July 9, 2011

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Bank Robbers Avoid Sweeping Police Dragnet

Suspects tracked to Abbotsford via taxi



t's rare that bank robbers are able to evade a precision dragnet, but that's what happened Friday just after 12 noon when two men walked into the Bank of Montreal on Vedder Rd. wearing bandanas and demanded money. No weapons were seen and the robbers acquired an undisclosed amount before fleeing on foot down Higginson.

The two men were described as wearing bandana's and sunglasses, one in his early 20's, possibly Asian, about 5'4", wearing a white baseball cap and a blue windbreaker. The second suspect was was a white male in a rust coloured jacket. During the course of the robbery inside the bank, the latter suspect referred to the former as "Ryan".

Simultaneous calls to 9-1-1 were received confirming that a robbery had taken place, and witnesses saw the men run down Higginson into a nearby subdivision.

A short time later, a white GMC Safari Van emerged speeding southbound on Vedder and blowing through the red light at Thomas.

As events unfolded, the suspects always seemed to be just two street lights ahead of police who immediately swept in to the area and set-up containment perimeters on No. 3 Rd as well as both directions on Highway 1.

A short time later, a vehicle matching the suspects' getaway van was spotted by police abandoned near Fortins on Lickman Rd. A witness there saw a white male with gray hair get out of the van and walk north on Lickman to an address in the 6800 block.

It was determined that the driver and another male took a taxi from that location to Abbotsford where they were dropped off at the corner of Primrose Ave. and Marshall Rd.

According to PRIME records the suspect driver had a curfew restriction and was on probation for escaping lawful custody. He also had been previously charged with assaulting a police officer.

At 12:44 P.M. Air Two responded,  but we no longer needed and Abbotsford police were alerted.

In Chilliwack, police found gloves and other discarded items belonging to the robbers on Higginson and dog services were utilized to try and establish a track.

There were reports that police may have identified at least one of the suspects and the taxi that was involved returned to Chilliwack where it was dusted for fingerprints

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident and Victims Services was called for staff. There is no word whether police there were able to locate the suspects. This is a developing story and we expect more information released shortly by the RCMP.

In the meantime, if you have any information regarding this crime call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

Editors Note: Some details regarding this crime may, or may not be corroborated by police and are just our interpretation of the events that took place. There is no intent to mislead. If our information proves to be inaccurate, or varies as reported by other agencies and news outlets, then we apologize for that unintentional error. News breaks at any time and we endeavour to cover it whenever possible.

Thank you. C Hill

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