Wednesday July 6, 2011

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You're In Bear Country

Controlling food waste and proper storage lessens chance of conflict

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ears are on the move searching of the nearest food source, and Environment Minister Terry Lake is urging British Columbians to be "Bear Aware" to help reduce bear-human conflicts.


The most effective and natural way to prevent conflicts with bears in urban areas is to put away food attractants such as garbage, bird seed, compost and fruit. In communities where attractants are managed properly, there has been a decline in related bear-human conflict and the number of bears that have to be destroyed.


Quick Facts

British Columbians are encouraged to prevent bear-human conflicts by adopting the following practices;

Hiking in bear country

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The public is encouraged to report human-wildlife conflicts that threaten public safety or result in significant property damage by calling the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line toll-free at 1 877 952-7277 (RAPP), or visit the RAPP website at:


More information about how to be Bear Aware can be found at:


For more information on bears, human-bear conflicts and the criteria necessary to reach "Bear Smart" status, visit:



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