Sunday July 10, 2011

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Gwen O'Mahony sets new precedents with old fashioned door-knocking

Submitted by Richard Harrington, Hope BC


was the Campaign Manager for Gwen O'Mahony, your NDP candidate in the past Federal Election.

Gwen has asked me to express her thanks for the positive support that she received from Chilliwack and area.


Although most people know that the campaign was won locally by the Conservatives, fewer people know that the support for Gwen and the NDP was considerably higher than in the past.


As Gwen personally canvassed over 10,000 doors in the year leading up to the election of May 2nd, she found that many people were specifically interested in meeting her. The constant refrain that she heard over and over again was " you are the first politician ever to come to my door". People were excited about having the opportunity to articulate their concerns face-to-face with a Federal candidate.

Although Gwen easily won for the first time in "northern Tier" communities such as Pemberton, Lillooet and Boston Bar, that hard-core conservative base in Chilliwack was still difficult to overcome. We know that it won't be easy; but, our goal is to overcome that obstacle in the future.

Gwen and I wish to also thank Craig Hill and the Valley Voice for their unbiased reporting. Unlike some other venues which often ignored what Gwen was doing, the Valley voice gave her excellent coverage.

It is important for all political candidates to prove themselves to the community- to prove that they are hard-working, conscientious and are viable people worth electing. I believe that Gwen has done this in spades and I hope that she will return to run again and to win Chilliwack for the NDP. With your assistance, she can do it.


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