Thursday July 14, 2011


Artists Call

How Do You See Poverty?

Photos, artwork needed for presentation

Submitted by Janine Bandcroft for Rob Reiner, CWP


anada Without Poverty seeks submissions of photographs, drawings and paintings depicting poverty in Canada from the east and west coasts to the far North and all points in between, from urban, suburban and rural perspectives, from those with the lived experience of poverty and from those who may not have experienced poverty directly but can see what it looks like and how it is impacting people.


If you have one or more images you would be happy to share and allow us to use with credit, we would be grateful to receive and review your submission(s). Images submitted should be in JPG or GIF format.

Our immediate need is to develop one or more powerful PowerPoint presentations depicting poverty and the faces of poverty across Canada today. Of special need is for images depicting the poverty that is more hidden from public view (we have many images of homelessness which is the most visible manifestation of poverty). A good example of this type of imagery is that assembled through the Saskatoon Photovoice project of 2006.


We'd especially like to receive images from people with the lived experience of poverty who provide captions for each image submitted, captions that in a few words describe the meaning to them of what is on view. We find these kinds of images to be powerful in communicating, in a few seconds, the reality of poverty in Canada (a picture truly can be worth the proverbial thousand words).

Please send any submission(s) in JPG or GIF format to Thank you and we look forward to your submissions if you are able to assist.

Don't miss our upcoming special events: (1) Get Up, Stand Up - An Evening of Insight and Inspiration (September 29, Ottawa); (2) Will Ackerman and Friends in Concert for Canada Without Poverty (September 30, Ottawa). Check our web site for details. And see this call for support from one of our honorary directors, former Prime Minister the Right Hon. Joe Clark.

Honorary Directors
Right Hon. Joe Clark
Hon. Louise Arbour
Hon. Monique BĂgin
Hon. Ed Broadbent
Ovide Mercredi

Ottawa office 410-383 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4R4; (613) 789-0096 or 1-800-810-1076
Vancouver office: (604) 628-0525

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