Thursday July 21, 2011


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Canada Post bites back and asks homeowners to check their dogs after rash of bites

Released by Canada Post


anada Post is appealing to dog owners to help prevent dog bites across Canada following a series of recent incidents. In the first 18 days this month, Canada Post employees have reported 41 dog bites across the country, some very serious.

To keep delivery employees safe, Canada Post requires dog owners to always restrain their dogs well away from the area of mail delivery, including the approach from the street, mail slots in doors and outside mailboxes.

"We train our people, make them aware of known risks on their routes and provide dog repellent to help protect them from dog bites, but we need dog owners to remember to keep dogs away from these delivery areas," said Nikki Forest, Interim Vice-President, Collection and Delivery at Canada Post. "The responsibility is the same no matter how big or small, friendly or unfriendly the dog."

The risk of dog bites can increase in summer, when more dogs are outside for longer periods of time and delivery personnel who are replacing colleagues on vacation are less familiar to the dogs on a route. This year, dogs may also be adjusting to seeing delivery personnel every day after the service disruption in June.

Even a small dog with a normally friendly disposition can inflict a serious injury if it believes it is guarding its territory or the family home.

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