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A Great Day For The Goods

Airport Cafe Fox Foundation fundraiser as easy as pie 

Craig Hill/Voice photos/Submitted Fox photo/Revised July 2


Customers queue for pie Tuesday at the Airport Coffee Shop. Below; Rolly Fox (centre) made a visit to thank owners and staff; staff wearing Fox tee shirt;  and a Washington State visitor enjoys a slice of apple.


ast Tuesday folks came from all over BC and Washington for a slice of the Airport Coffee Shop's famous pie.


Once word got out about the pie sale with proceeds going to the Terry Fox Foundation in honour of Betty Fox who recently passed away, pie lovers swarmed the little cafe adjacent to the tarmac at Chilliwack Airport.


By the time the cafe was finally shuttered in the evening, they'd baked and sold an astounding 68 whole pies and people gobbled up 565 individual slices for a total of $3479.49 plus $272.77 in assorted donations. Not bad for a Tuesday.


Judi Good, who co-owns the popular cafe with her sister Jacklyn, told the Voice in a phone interview the following day that she was happy with the way the day went, beginning the marathon of baking in the early morning hours.

Word of the event even spread stateside and Good was flabbergasted when she found out that people had heard about it from as far away as Washington where a radio station there had promoted it.

"People drove all the way from Bellingham just to get a couple of pies to take back."

The sisters and staff worked throughout the day, somehow managing to meet the demand. But they weren't ready and the response caught them off guard. Good said she had no idea the community would respond like they did.

"There were so many people that wanted whole pies. We tried to keep up with it as much as we could."

"We baked pies for a very long time yesterday. I've never baked so many Coconut cream pies in one day before in my life," she said. "We didn't bring any extra staff in, we didn't didn't think we'd need any, but it all worked out and everyone was quite happy to be a part of it."

Among the dozens of different kinds of pies that they bake on-site and make with real shortening are; Lemon Meringue, Coconut Banana, Raspberry-Rhubarb, Blueberry, Bumbleberry, and German Apple.

Good said the fundraising idea was her sister's brainchild and a way that they could give back in honour of the Fox family matriarch.

"Jacklyn ran it by us and we were like, yeah, let's do it."

Over the years the Good sisters had become personal friends with the Fox family.

"We were very lucky to consider Betty a family friend. My sister Jacklyn was very good friends with her."

"It's just a way to honour her because it was something that not only her, but her whole family has dedicated their entire lives to. They definitely made sure his (Terry's) dream came alive."

"We've all been touched by cancer," said Good who's partner is currently being treated for cancer.

"My boyfriend is in Vancouver General Hospital right now fighting for his life with lukemia. We've lost both our grandmothers to cancer and lost friends," she said. "My sister's best friend died of breast cancer.

At one point during the day, Rolly Fox dropped-in to express his appreciation and spend a few quiet moments with the Good sisters and their staff.

When asked how a small business could afford to donate such a large amount, Good said it wasn't about the money.

"It's definitely worth it if it's going to help one person. It's worth using your sales for the day."

If people missed the sale this year, because they did so well with it, Good said they decided to make it an annual event.

"We were so awestruck with just how well it turned out, it was fantastic," she said. "We'll know what to expect for next year."

It's all... good.

Airport Coffee Shop, Unit 6, 46244 Airport Rd., Chilliwack 604-792-0814, Mon-Sun 7 am - 7 pm. Website coming soon.

For more information visit: www.terryfox.org


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