Sunday July 11, 2010

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Its No Laughing Matter

Giggle Ridge at Cultus Lake is up for sale

Craig Hill/Voice


ust as Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf is about to celebrate it's 10th Anniversary, owner Dan Sawatzky has the beloved family business up for sale. The asking price is only $795,000 and included in that is all the golfing you can handle.                                                                                                                       Craig Hill/Voice photo


Sawatzky told the Voice in an e-mail that he wants to slow down but not take it any easier, just put a little more focus on his studio/shop in Yarrow which specializes in the design and fabrication of theme signs and environments.                                                                                                                                                                            

"We built Giggle Ridge as a family business and as a showpiece for our other company, Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation, which specializes in the design and fabrication of theme signs and environments."  he explained. "After 10 years of operating both Giggle Ridge and our other company, we are ready for a little slower pace in life."


There has not been a lack of interest in the property which has gardens designed by Brian Minter with at least 20,000 flowers planted annually.


Sawatzky says the property has been challenging to sell because its on leased land and buyers have to meet financial requirements, however he remains optimistic that a new owner can be found.


"We are confident that the right person or family will

Giggle Ridge Train.                              come along soon and it is our hope that the golf will go

                                                          to caring people who love the idea of 'marketing fun.'"


Over the last decade, Sawatzky's company has used Giggle Ridge as a showcase model to sell other themed projects in places like the West Edmonton Mall, Moose Mountain Adventure Golf, Mall of America in Minneapolis, Riptide Lagoon in Minnesota and closer to home in Parksville.


When the property does sell, Sawatzky says they can still use the golf park to show buyers of future projects.


"Even with new owners, Giggle Ridge will still be there for us to proudly show to our prospective clients," he said about his labour of love.


Sawatzky is very proud of what he and his family have accomplished over the last decade. The theme park he says is one of the "top quality family fun centers in the world" and they have made many friends who return year after year.


"We have thoroughly enjoyed building and operating Giggle Ridge for the last decade, it will be something we will remember with fondness."


The cost to play is $7.84 per person and children under 4-years are free. Children under 12-years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Summer hours are 10am to 8pm.


To see more of Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf visit


Interested buyers can contact REMAX agents:

Gary Larson at  or

Trudy Peters 

Both agents can be contacted by e-mail here.


For more information contact visit Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation website:  or e-mail here.


Photos submitted by Dan Sawatzky unless otherwise noted.