Monday July 12, 2010



Family "Jewel" Missing

Mother fears dog sold for drugs



am a mother of five trying to get a little help around town to get the word out about my missing dog. Our family was devastated when she left the yard on June 10th.


We put up 300 posters around Chilliwack and surrounding areas, but unfortunately we were even more devastated when we heard the news that our dog was stolen and sold for drugs.


We are at a loss and have had only a few leads with no happy ending. My kids cry almost every day, and my husband and I drive around looking in yards until we are exhausted, but our kids won't let us stop!


She was a family member, she slept with my daughter or me, she has another dog here who is her best friend. She gets carsick and that makes me worried sick that whoever has her wouldn't consider the quirks we already grew accustomed to over the years! I have made myself sick worrying that someone is not treating her nicely, and I just want her home!


I am willing to put any hard feelings aside, even if the dognappers themselves turn her in to me, there will be a reward waiting for them. I would even buy them a brand new dog of their choice if they would just give us Jewel back!


If you could just help me put some pressure on them so they know I won't quit until she is home, I would be grateful forever! Please this is a special dog, she means the world to us and I just cannot fathom how someone could be so cold as to steal from a family with five children! We moved to Chilliwack to get away from the crime in Surrey, but the further I dig, the more I am starting to realize about what I thought was a small town!


Jewel is almost 3 years old, she is brown and white, she left home without a collar, she does not have a tattoo but she is micro chipped and can be scanned at any animal shelter or vet if taken in. She has distinctive scarring on her stomach, and was very mild tempered and loves people. She is hyper and a lot of times jumps on people (but would never hurt them intentionally)


If you can help out this family locate their dog then please contact Jennifer by e-mail here.



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