Thursday July 15, 2010

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CRV Friends Go Global

Residents take a stance against big industry



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David Lamson, FVRD Dir. Area E (L) and Glen Thompson, Friends of CRV (R), speak with Global TV reporter Aaron McArther yesterday about the proposed gravel pit in the Chilliwack River Valley.


esidents of the Chilliwack River Valley say a proposed gravel pit could threaten the health of the Chilliwack River and quality of the life for residents and affect about1.5-million tourists who recreate along the river each year.


FVRD Director Area E, David Lamson, and Glen Thompson of the Friends of Chilliwack Valley group are concerned that ground water quality in the upper aquifer will be affected, however city engineers have indicated that Chilliwack's drinking water will not be altered by the pit proposal.


The river, activists say is home to three endangered species including the endangered tall bugbane. A salmon hatchery is located on nearby Pierce Creek and river estuary wildlife restoration work has been done in areas near the pit location.


Thompson said in a Facebook posting that "The FVRD voted in favour of allocating $5,000 to study the effects the open pit mine will have on the Salmon and the aquifer."


The Friends of CRV want to see the 33km long river valley designated either as  "Red Zone", which would see no aggregate removed, or a Recreational Corridor, that would also see a similar result.


Residents are concerned about their own safety with an additional fifty dump trucks making twice as many trips daily on the narrow Chilliwack Lake Road. In addition to that, they say the more truck traffic will choke the Vedder Bridge intersection to a standstill and the road will take a beating because it isn't designed to handle continual heavy truck traffic.


CRV activists are meeting today with Mayor Sharon Gaetz and FVRD Director Patricia Ross today regarding the Southview Sorting gravel pit proposal.


The group is inviting the public to join them for a rally to protect the CRV from the local aggregate industry tonight at the Chilliwack Fish & Game Club on Chilliwack Lake Rd at 7pm


The photos below show the group at Tamahi Rapids, the Chilliwack River Hatchery as well as at one of the roadside logged areas which will see digging.


For more information and to sign the petition against the gravel pit proposal visit:


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