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  Saturday, Jan 20, 2018 


SD33 News

He Said...

Trustee Barry Neufeld responds to district official statement

By Barry Neufeld, SD33 Trustee


oday the Chilliwack School Board and the Minister of Education requested my resignation. This was partly in response to the Human Rights Complaint filed against myself and the School Board by CUPE 411.

The media release by the Chilliwack School Board is in error. I did not, and do not, oppose any changes to the BC Human Rights Code, in particular the recent inclusion of gender identity and expression as protected grounds, nor is anything I have said contrary to the Code.

Moreover, I am interested and invested in ALL students receiving an excellent education regardless of thier sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion or other group identity. I support a safe environment for ALL students in our public system, and I support a diverse and pluralistic education system, which includes children who come from homes with traditional family values or faith-based beliefs regarding marriage, sexuality, and gender.

I have simply taken issue with once facet of the SOGI 1-2-3 learning resources: the teaching of theory, as if it was a fact, that gender is fluid, that there are more than two genders, and that gender is not based in biology. Despite the pressure to resign, I believe that I must remain on the Board to be a lonely voice protecting impressionable children who I believe will be confused and harmed, resulting in the recent phenomenon of increased occurrences of rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGI) in at-risk children.

It is my duty as an elected School Board official to speak up when the best interests of children may be compromised. I will continue to do my duty as Trustee in this regard, while exercising my constitutional freedom of expression as a Canadian.


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