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Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018

Veterans' News

Robiere Condemns VA: RCMP Treated as Second-Class Veterans

Veterans threaten legal action over RCMP Super Annuity pensions

By Eric Rebiere, former RCMP veteran/Wikipedia and Voice file photos


The Dragoon Guidons have been part of the military since 1885.


here is a discriminatory angle to all this.  Being former RCMP and a legitimate Veteran, the RCMP disabled Veterans remain under the Pension Act while the Military had been forced to go under the New Veterans Charter (NVC) and now have been presented with a watered-down pension for life. 


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have a regimental Dragoons Guidon with Battle Honors. The RCMP have been involved in Military conflict since the 1885 Rebellion, The Boer War, WW1, WW2, numerous UN missions and of course served throughout the Afghan War with the Military Police which the Royal NorthWest Mounted Police created in early 1917 when the Canadian Corps was formed to deal with Vimy Ridge. 


Dawson Creek RCMP.

The point is, the RCMP have the Pension Act but not the NVC programs and vice versa.  When a soldier is discharged medically he or she goes under the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) umbrella where the RCMP remain under the Minister of Public Safety who sends the funds from the RCMP budget to VAC who administers the Pension Act pensions to the RCMP vets and what little programs there are. 


The discrimination is that both the Military and RCMP are equal veterans. The military fought the war in Afghanistan and the RCMP supported the war by working with the Canadian Military Police and Afghan Police walking patrols and manning police stations even worked in the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs.)


An RCMP Sgt lost a big piece of his leg in 2010 because of a suicide bomber in Kabul. The RCMP was invited to join the NVC in 2004 but someone did the math and realized it was a rip-off. 


The RCMP are tired of being treated like second class veterans and like Canadian Military are not under VAC which we should be. Plain all out discrimination against both the Military and the Para Military RCMP.


The Pension Act exists. By making the issue that the Military and RCMP are equal Veterans then both Military and RCMP should be treated the same which we are not. This is the discrimination. 


I would ask Prime Minister Trudeau to take a look at the RCMP Dragoons Guidon which was presented by King George V as a result of the RCMP contributions as cavalry during time of War. 


During the London Olympics the RCMP Musical Ride a regiment of Dragoons had the honor to guard Buckingham Palace which does not often happen. Only a Military or in the case of the RCMP ParaMilitary Regiment can be allowed to do this.  If the discrimination between Military and RCMP are addressed i.e. both being under VAC then I think the issue of the Pension Act will have to apply to both.


Discrimination under the Charter in regards to disability speaks volumes. This, I think, is the approach that needs to be taken if a new Law Firm is being sought.



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